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 Rule-12's Server - How to download, run, and play!

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Mod Andrew
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PostSubject: Rule-12's Server - How to download, run, and play!   Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:39 pm

Hey everyone. I see that there's always a lot of people asking how to start up with Rule-12's server, and there really isn't very many people bothering to help them out. This is a guide to help those people out and maybe get some new members into the server.

Downloading the Rule-12 Server

There is a new client. Download it here:

Download the server, and open it in winrar. Then, extract the folder to your desktop.

Once you finish with that, open the folder. You should see this.

Now, double click "Run."

The black Build-Run box should pop up, and shortly afterward, the client window. If all goes well, the server should connect to update server, load, and be at the login screen.

If it doesn't load, look at the Build-Run box. It usually tells you what's wrong.

If it says Error_cantconnect or something along those lines, the server is down.

If it says cannot find JDK, you need to download it. You can find JDK here:

Java SE Downloads - Sun Developer Network (SDN)

Once you download it, you should be able to log in normally.

Getting Started In the Server

Making Your Account

So, you have the server working fine. Now what? Well, first step is to create an account. Doing this is simple. There's no need to previously register an account, simply put in your desired name and password, and log in! Once you log in, if your name wasn't taken, the account and password will be automatically saved to the database and you'll have to remember your name and pass to log in again.

Logging In for the First Time

Once logged in, read over the rules and make sure you familiarize yourself with them. Then, type the following into the chat screen.


This gives you 100M cash and a book giving some information. Remember you can only do this once!

Leveling Up

Now, the next step is to get you some levels. When you log in for the first time, you are given 25M starting exp. Once this 25M is gone, it's gone for good, so use it wisely!

Here are the codes to start leveling:

::lvl (level id) (exp amount)
0 - Attack
1 - Defense
2 - Strength
3 - No use. You can't use the 25M exp to level up HP.
4 - Range
5 - Prayer
6 - Magic

So, lets say you're 1 attack, and would like to be 70. You would type the following:

::lvl 0 70 737627

You can't be wearing any armor or weapons while editing skills.

If you accidentally level the wrong stat, or, if later down the road you accidentally level up something you regret, or if you just complete change your mind, you can reset certain stats. You need 10M cash in your inventory per reset, and you won't get the exp back, so make sure you want to reset it!

To reset a stat, type:

::Reset (level ID)

Acquiring Items

Instead of having something homosexual like shops, in this server, if you want an item, you simply spawn it. However, to maintain a real economy, items aren't free. You must have the GP required in your inventory to spawn them. Prices are close to real Runescape prices, but not exact.

To spawn an item, simply type:

::Item (Item ID) (Item Amount)

So, for example, if I wanted to spawn a whip, I would type:

::Item 4151 1

For a list of item codes, click "ItemList" in the Rule12 folder.

Changing Your Magic Spellbook

Here at Rule-12, all three magic spellbooks can be used. You automatically start on the normal spellbook. Here are the commands to switch through them:

Normal: ::Switch 0
Ancient: ::Switch 1
Lunar: ::Switch 2

Note, you must be 40 defense to switch to the lunar spellbook.

Useful NPC's at PvP Home

When you log in, you will be in "Home." You can get back to "Home anytime by typing ::Normal. Most players, however, will be at our PvP Home, which is the exact same spot, only with hot zones. To reach this place, type "::Pvp"

As of right now, 5/9/2010, the PvP home is the Grand Exchange. There is a chance this might be changing soon. At our current pvp home, there a couple NPC's that are very useful. The NPC's are:

Mazchna - He buys your entire inventory for gold. This is the only way to get more gold, since you can't trade gold to other players. Also, if you trade him, he sells a lot of useful sets, such as barrage sets, venge sets, and food in 1 click. It's a quick alternative to pulling out the exact runes yourself.

Mandrith - Sells PvP Item/Weapon sets using PvP points. The only way to get PvP armor is to either PK it, buy it off players, or buy it from Mandrith. You can also sell your PvP armor to Mandrith, simply click "Sells All PvP Armor" and click "Sell."

Ghommal- Sells corrupt PvP items using PvP points.

Make-over Mage - Lets you change your hair color and sex. To change your clothes, type ::Clothes


Credit to D U C K.

::starter gives you 100M
::quickteles opens an interface with a Godwars Dungeon tele and the rock crabs tele
::pvp brings you to the main PVP area
::normal brings you back to the normal area
::edge teleports you to PVP Edgeville
::normaledge teleports you to non-PVP Edgeville
::eastdragons for higher-level wild
::multi brings you to Multi-Player PVP
::bh brings you to Bounty Hunter
::kdr shows your Kill/Death Ratio to other players
::players to see how many players are online
::pits to go to the Fighting Pits (requires 25+ players online)
::train to go to the training area (actually useless)
::male to become a male
::female to become a female
::clothes to change your clothes
::toggleexperience prevents EXP gain while in combat, type it again to re-enable EXP gain

Changing Your Password

To change your password on the server, simply type in the following code. Make sure you double check that you did not do any typos in the first two semicolons, as you don't want to accidentally say your new and old password to everyone around you.

The code is:

::changepassword (old pass) (new pass) (new pass again)

That's about everything. If you need something, feel free to post here.

This guide was made by God.
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Rule-12's Server - How to download, run, and play!
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