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 How to avoid getting Nulled

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PostSubject: How to avoid getting Nulled   Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:06 pm

Ever sense the new VPS, there has been a deep decrease in nulls. You should rarely get nulled now.

What is a Nulled Account?

A nulled account is an account that has been Disabled, for no reason and was not banned from someone in the staff. There is also a Password Null; A password null, is were it says "Invalid Username or Password" when you attempt to log in.

How do I Unnull my account?

First of all, there is no way to unnull YOURSELF. You will need either Mod Cub, Mod Aaron, or Matt to do it for you. (Whoever has the VPS)

Method 1.)

Click on the following link:

An alternative way to get there is click on Rule-12 Private server > Account help > Click on the thread that says "

Use the following format when posting:

Account Name:
Disabled or Password Nulled:
Method 2

(Use this method if the first method is taking 5+ hours)

Send a private message and use the same format as above, to either: Matt, Mod Cubsmiles, or Mod Aaron.

It is easier to edit recipients, and send it to all of them instead of sending it to each one, one by one.

Method 3

This method is good to use while waiting for responses from the first 2 methods.

Go in-game on another account, and wait. Add them to your friends list, if it shows there all offline, simply tell other staff members, we could tell them.

How to avoid getting Nulled

Say you get dced, and it shows "Connection lost - Attempting to reastablish" on the top left corner of the client. When it opens up as the home page of the client, DONT LOG IN STRAIGHT AWAY. Wait about 1-2 minutes, or use an account you don't care about. You will deeply decrease the chance of getting nulled if you do this every time theres a DC.

That pretty much concludes my guide. I hope this will help you if your accounts ever get nulled.

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How to avoid getting Nulled
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